PPT™ Users____________________________________________________________________

The PPT™ has been reserved for exclusive use by psychologists and psychiatrists working in the following areas:

  • Public and private counseling facilities and institutions working with preventive family projects,
  • Family investigations, family counseling, family therapy and couples therapy
  • Divorce counseling facilities and child psychology expert opinion inquiries at the courts of law
  • Adoption agencies and foster-parent associations.

PPT™ Internationally____________________________________________________________________

Parents Preference Test, PPT™ has been presented to several international congresses – leading to an international focus.
Recently the PPT™ has been validated during a major project, at The University of Rome, under the supervision of Professor Roberto Balocco, PhD, Universitá degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”.
The project was initially presented in June 2008 at the XXIX International congress of Psychology in Berlin, based on these papers :