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The Parents’ Preference Test, PPT™, is a picture-based, multiple-choice test with images representing everyday family activities

The Parents’ Preference Test, PPT™ is planned to be supplemented with a children’s part, making then “The family test”

The PPT™ is aimed at measuring general aspects of the interactions between parents and their children, presumed to be universal. The PPT™ is a test where the parents indicate their own preferred modus operandi as parents – in central areas; i.e., the way they prefer to function as parents, and which is part of the basis of attachment and parent-child interaction in the family.
The PPT™ is presented in this flyer from the Danish publisher:
PPT™ flyer UK

The PPT™ has several objectives in view:

    • A high level of face validity.


    • A rapid and easy administration procedure.


    • Capability of inspiring a dialogue on parenthood.


    • Standardization and testing according to scientific principles


The lessons learned so far from using the PPT™ in family studies and family therapy indicate that the use of pictures is very suitable as a basis for a dialogue concerning parenting style perspectives.

The PPT™ makes it possible to describe central aspects of people’s parenting style, despite the enormous complexity of this phenomenon. Using the test results for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes, however, requires insight and experience, and no final evaluations should be made solely on the basis of this test. The test results should be combined with other sources of information, such as interaction observation, in order to arrive at a professional evaluation of the parenting style in question