westh development_______________________________________________________________________________

Westh Development was established in 1999, as a subordinate company of Westh & Westh.

The mission of Westh Development is to develop, improve and market psychological tests and examination methods, as well as activities relevant to this area.

As its firstborn, Westh Development has had the pleasure of introducing the Parents’ Preference Test, PPT™ – a picture-based psychological test forged in the the dual fire of experience gained from many years of clinical practice.
The Parents’ Preference Test, PPT™ has fokus on family therapy and psychological examinations of families with children, and of knowledge firmly grounded in psychological theory and research (i.a. Bandura, Millon, Kernberg, Bowlby, Ainsworth, Main, and many others).

The PPT™ forms an essential part of Family Dynamics® – a new, integrative, and advanced approach to successfully completing family therapy projects, developed by Finn Westh – Psychological Counseling. 

Since the PPT™ was introduced in Denmark in the summer of 2003, the main objective of Westh Development has been the development of a children’s test – the Children’s Apperception of Parent’s Performance Test, CAPP – complementary to the PPT™. The long-term objective, of course, is integrating these two tests into The Family Test®.